Improve your playing with a Coordinated Technique

Establishing natural movement is fundamental to the very core of piano playing. Whether a keen amateur, a conservatory student, teacher or professional pianist, the goals of piano playing are the same: to play as effortlessly as possible so that musical expression is unhampered by physical limitations.

So much has been written about piano technique and yet students still struggle with the physical aspects of playing. Hour after hour of traditional finger exercises often bring little improvement, and many still report on stiffness and tension, as well as a lack of variety of colour and tone. 

Healthy, Effortless Piano Playing

An innovative way to learn and practise piano technique

Here at Fit 4 Piano, our philosophy is that everyone can learn to play with a technique that is balanced and effortless. Based on Dr. Rae de Lisle's lifetime of scientific research, our book Fit 4 Piano has benefited thousands of pianists and students around the world. With the help of this course, you can dive deeper into the concepts of Fit 4 Piano with Rae from the comfort of your own homes and studios.

Ready, Set, Play!

In this course, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of posture, movement and tone production

  • Learn to identify and reduce unnecessary tension in fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders and torso

  • Build stability in finger joints with wide-ranging exercises

  • Unlock the ability to play fast passages with clarity and speed

  • Negotiate challenging repertoire with smaller hands

  • Learn how to produce a variety of tone and colour

  • Learn how to produce a resonate sound without harshness

  • Experience ways of warming up at the piano

  • Gain an understanding of how to look after a musician's body

Learn from one of Australasia's Leading Piano Pedagogues

  • Learn at your own pace

    By purchasing this course you will receive a life-time access to all course materials. It is recommended that you revisit the course at different stages of your learning in order to deepen your understanding at every level of playing.

  • 20 Chapters

    From the earliest years of playing to the most advanced, this course covers the fundamentals of piano technique. You will get tips on playing-related topics such as posture, effective practice, repertoire exploration and more.

  • Masterful demonstrations

    Lessons include demonstrations of technical exercises and repertoire examples so that you can understand how a coordinated technique can be applied to all levels of repertoire.

  • Over 9 hours of lesson time

    The 20 chapters in this course are based on scientific research and interviews with world-class pianists and pedagogues. Expertly crafted and produced by New Zealand award-winning film maker, Bill McCarthy.

  • Play-along workouts

    The workouts with Melody segments at the end of each chapter are designed to target and improve specific areas of technique.

  • Free eBook

    Download 65 page eBook containing hundreds of piano workouts including existing and new Fit 4 Piano exercises.

  • Ongoing student support

    Interact with the Fit 4 Piano community and get access to free webinars on special topics.

Explore the Course Curriculum

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    1. Overview

    2. The Piano Stool, Sitting Bones and the Core

    3. The Head, Neck and Shoulders

    4. The Arm, Wrist and Summary

    5. Chapter One: Workouts

    1. Overview

    2. The Free fall

    3. The Parachute Landing

    4. Dynamics, Portato and Summary

    5. Chapter Two: Workouts

    1. Overview

    2. Parachutes and Hot Air Balloons

    3. Endings, The Spring Off

    4. Wider and Faster, Summary

    5. Chapter Three: Workouts

    1. Overview

    2. Three-note Slurs, Involving the Thumb

    3. Gesture Endings, Four-Note Slurs, Grouping Notes Together

    4. Five-Note Gestures, Practising Gestures, Summary

    5. Chapter Four: Workouts

    1. Overview

    2. Hand Positions

    3. Exercises in a Chromatic Pattern, Alignment, The Non-playing Fingers

    4. Using the Length of the Key, Legatissimo, Summary

    5. Chapter Five: Workouts

About this course

  • 9 hours of video content
  • 20 chapters
  • Free 65 page eBook

Reviews of Exploring Piano Technique Course

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“This is a wonderful new resource for pianists and piano teachers around the world. As a holistic guide to piano teaching at all levels it can’t be bettered – this will become a hugely influential course, with practical solutions and applications for every stage of teaching.”

Stephen de Pledge, NZ concert pianist & senior lecturer at UoA

“Whether you are teaching first-stage beginners, intermediate, advanced or concert-level pianists, whether you are a piano teacher wanting to keep up your playing or a concert pianist looking to keep yourself in finest form, in my experience the exercises in this course work for everyone. I have been trialling Fit 4 Piano at all levels of teaching, as well as using the exercises every day for my own warm up, and have found them indispensable.”

Katherine Austin, concert pianist and chamber musician

“Dr. Rae de Lisle is to be congratulated and praised for such a comprehensive course on pianoplaying technique. Twenty chapters, lasting nine hours, of sheer love to every detail of piano playing that is explained and demonstrated by Dr. Rae de Lisle in a very pleasant environment. Workouts are demonstrated by the lovely assistant Melody. All produced in top professional manner by film maker BillMcCarthy. I have to admit, there are so many similarities to the ideas about technique and fingering that I usein my playing, teach, and write about in my own books. This is all invaluable stuff without which you can't play the piano well. But some things are just too precious. I simply love 'sing the ornaments', 'everything should sing', and 'Large intervals need more time (like in singing)'. So, this course doesn't only teach you technique, but also how to make beautiful music. Highly recommended!”

Rami Bar-Niv, Israeli pianist, composer and author

“What a fabulous resource this course is for pianists wishing to develop a healthy, reliable and effortless technique. The course unfolds over 20 chapters, each comprising a series of bite-sized videos, accompanied by on-screen written summaries, and supported by a comprehensive downloadable PDF containing fully-notated examples of Rae’s short, pithy exercises. The videos themselves are beautifully shot, with various camera angles providing close footage of Rae’s demonstrations. Her commentary throughout is clear and warmly engaging. Of particular benefit are the Workouts with Melody which conclude each chapter. These are incredibly valuable and could be used by students as part of their daily practice routine. This comprehensive and well-organised course provides a means by which anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of piano technique can benefit from the insights and experience of one of the NZ’s most highly regarded and successful piano teachers. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Dianne James, Principal Teacher, Sherwood Piano Studio

“This course is an incredibly rich resource for both teachers and pianists, comprehensively guiding them through key concepts that are necessary in developing a piano technique which allows them to express themselves fully at the instrument with ease, grounded in an approach that lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy piano playing. Rae’s research draws on decades of experience, resulting in a distilled wisdom that all can benefit from in this course. I employ these concepts and strategies in my own playing and in my teaching practice, and consistently see joyful results across all levels. The video explanations and demonstrations are professionally shot, with camera angles that let you see the techniques applied at the piano, and you feel as if you are receiving a personal masterclass from Rae every step of the way, supplemented with downloadable PDFs and summaries. This course provides the opportunity to learn from one of the finest piano teachers, and I highly recommend it to all.”

John-Paul Muir, Classical & Jazz Pianist, UK

Meet the Team

Dr. Rae de Lisle

Founder of Fit 4 Piano

Dr Rae de Lisle, MNZM is one of New Zealand’s foremost piano pedagogues. Formerly Head of Piano at the University of Auckland, she has produced many outstanding students, most notably John Chen, first prizewinner of the 2004 Sydney International Piano Competition. Since then her students have won all the major piano competitions in New Zealand and have also been prizewinners internationally in the Lev Vlassenko Australasian Piano Competition, the Bradshaw and Buono Competition in New York, and the Perrenoud Foundation International Piano Competition. She received an Excellence in Teaching Award from the University in 2011 and, in the same year, the Marie Vandewart Award for outstanding service and commitment to fostering the love of chamber music in New Zealand.

Rae’s groundbreaking PhD research into focal dystonia, the most devastating of musician’s injuries, has resulted in specific concepts about instrumental retraining which have led to presentations and keynote speeches throughout the world. For many years Rae has been researching methods of piano technique, interviewing more than 40 international pianists and pedagogues. Her experience in teaching students from the very beginning to international competition winners, as well as her own studies with renowned pedagogues Brigitte Wild (student of Claudio Arrau), Cyril Smith (student of Rachmaninoff) and Maria Curcio (student of Artur Schnabel) gives her a unique perspective on the development of injury-preventative piano technique at every level, from the beginner to the advanced pianist.

Melody Deng

Senior Instructor

Melody Deng is a pianist, lecturer, adjudicator, and a passionate piano educator. Melody has presented in national and international Piano Pedagogy Conferences, and lectured in University of Auckland and University of Waikato on piano teaching. With more than ten years of professional teaching experiences behind her, she is proud to have nurtured many students who became life-long music lovers and musicians.

Melody completed a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance with First Class Honours under the tutelage of Associate Professor Rae de Lisle. Prior to studying with Rae, Melody suffered repetitive strain injuries (RSI) due to poor posture and technique. The steps of rehabilitation involved daily practice of careful learning of the exercises from Fit 4 Piano. Under Rae's guidance, Melody was able to make a full recovery and later on completed a Master's Degree in Piano Pedagogy researching strategies in teaching musical expressiveness. Melody demonstrates the workout exercises in this course.


  • Do I have life-time access to this course?

    Yes! Once you purchase the course, you will have life-time access to all course materials.

  • Do I pay a subscription to access the course?

    The Exploring Piano Technique course is an one-off purchase, so you do not have to worry about any on-going payments

  • Who can I speak to if I have a problem?

    The team at Fit 4 Piano are more than happy to help you with any issues. Please send us a message here.

  • I am a teacher and I would like to use this course with my student. Can they access this course too?

    The license for purchasing this course is an individual license so it cannot be shared. However in the near future we will be rolling out a "student version" of the course, which contains all the Workouts with Melody videos, and the ebook of exercises. This version will be sold at a student discount price. We recommend your students to enrol in this course instead.